About us

The Australian Association (Norway) was formed in December 2007 and registered with registration number 892 048 002 at Brønnøysundregistrene as a non-profit private Organisation. We are proud to have the Australian Ambassador to Denmark, Damien Miller as our patron. AAN has more than 70 members and is affiliated with ABIE (Australian Business In Europe) and the Australian Honorary Consulate in Oslo.

The purpose of AAN is to:
  • provide a focal point for Australians in Norway
  • organise regular social events of interest to the Australian community
  • foster cultural relationships, goodwill and friendship between Australia and Norway
  • organise events on national days - Australia Day and ANZAC Day
  • provide a channel to collectively negotiate on behalf of the Australian community 
Membership is open to all nationalities. AAN is for Australians, their families, friends, people who have studied in Australia or others with strong ties to Australia.
The major events each year will be Australia Day and ANZAC Day. We aim to have at least one event per month.
As a registered organisation, we need to have a board. See table on the right for details.
Your first full year of membership is the joining fee. For the cost of only 4-5 beers in Norway (depending on where you drink …) you can sign up.
For this, you will get discounted entrance to any events plus access to special offers that we can secure.

Who is running the show?

AAN would not exist without the dedicated support of  the people who provide their time and energy to arrange and host the different events, keep the website updated etc...
The current members of the AAN Board are: 
 PresidentPeter Vaughan
 Vice PresidentAdam Delacorn   
 SecretaryAndrew Miles
 TreasurerRobert Lister
 CommitteeKevin Bellinger
Arlene Foster-Nielsen

If you would like to assist the AAN Board or even join up please contact us.

Want to get involved?

Are you interested in getting more involved with the Australian community in Norway? A great way to do this could be by assisting AAN in running events.
Over the next year AAN will be putting on a wide range of events for the Australian community in Norway and we are currently looking for volunteers to assist in a variety of ways.
AAN has the connections, the equipment, the backing and the know-how but what we are missing are a few hours of your spare time to assist us in putting on these events.
Your level of involvement would be completely up to you and you would be under no obligations. By assisting you would gain free entry to the event, Aussie food and drink and be able to influence the types of events being run and the way they are run. 
Ideally we are looking for volunteers who are willing to help at two or more events but we welcome any form of contribution and even at just one event.
It’s a great chance to network and if you enjoy it there would be opportunity to increase your involvement.
If you have been to any AAN events you would surely agree that they are always highly enjoyable and memorable. Well the same goes for running them!