AAN 2013 Activities

posted 21 Apr 2013, 12:22 by Shane West   [ updated 21 Apr 2013, 12:24 ]
There has been very limited interest in the position of President and as a Committee member of AAN.  Simon White and I have shared the position of President for the past six years and are unable to fill the Presidents position due to work and family commitments. The key issue comes down to the demand to organise events and continued activity within AAN.

As a result of this we believe that it is necessary to significantly downscale the activities and ambitions of AAN in 2013 and beyond. We recommend this reluctantly, however, it is clear that we lack resources to arrange and run events. We can review our situation again in early 2014 to see if there is any new interest in taking over the running of the Association. This means that we will not request membership fees in 2013 and will not establish a calendar of events.

We both however offer to remain as board members and perform the following tasks:
    - Official representatives of AAN ref authorities.
    - Maintain website
    - Administer facebook group
    - Administer support of new AAN events (ref below)
    - Organise occasional "offers" requiring minimal administration and effort (ie 3rd party events or offers)

Robert Lister, AAN Treasurer, has also agreed to continue his support in 2013.

As the Association is well financed and equipped, AAN will support selected activities proposed by members of the Australian community in Norway. This support may consist of:

1. Financial support to a maximum value of 1500kr per event as well as underwriting.
2. Promotion via email distribution list, website and Facebook pages
3. Equipment support (e.g tables, BBQs, PA system, tent etc)

Suitable activities should meet the following criteria:
    a. Open to all members of the Australian community in Norway
    b. Appeals to a broad cross section of the community
    c. Be of a nature that positively reflects on the Australian community as a whole.
    d. A maximum of 10 activities could be financially supported each year.
    e. Be well planned, organisationally and financially.

If you have any comments regarding the downscaling of AAN activities or have some ideas for events that you would like to run then please email us at info@aan.no

Shane West & Simon White