Aussies at the 2011 World Ski Championships - Oslo

posted 21 Dec 2010, 07:40 by Luke Dokter
Some news for all of those budding cross country skiers out there! There will be a number of Aussies representing Australia at the 2011 World Ski Championships in Oslo next year. If you haven´t already heard about the Ski VM 2011 (you probably live outside Oslo) you can find out more information here:

There are still tickets for sale.

There will be approximatley 10 athletes (6 men and 4 women) and their support team competing in both Oslo and the week before in Drammen. The team is supported by Ski Australia, but they are also looking for potential sponsors. If you or our company is interested in supporting the Australian Ski Team please contact their manager Finn Marsland.

AAN is investigating a potential get together with the team while they are here in Oslo and will send out more information in the future.