Watching Aussie TV in Norway!

posted 8 Jul 2010, 05:39 by Luke Dokter   [ updated 8 Jul 2010, 06:07 ]

AAN in no way endorses the downloading of copyright owned material from the internet! 

Did you know that Hey Hey it's Saturday is back on the air! But if you think it will bring back childhood memories of Saturday nights on your parents living room floor you will be painfully disappointed. It looks more like a sorry attempt of some aging stars to earn a little extra cash on an old favourite.

You may be asking how you can get episodes of Hey Hey it's Saturday in Norway? Well head over to the internet site Diwana to find out. 

You might even be able to catch up on your favourites like Neighbours, Home and Away and much more. 

There are some more "legal" alternatives though. 
  1. Download TV Shows from iTunes (with and Aussie iTunes Account).
  2. Invest in an Australian VPN service to get access to the web content locked in Australia.
  3. Get your mum to send over the latest DVDs or just buy them online.
  4. Just be satisfied with the limited number of TV Stations providing Vodcasts and streaming services.
  5. Get you mum to hook up a Elgato TV Tuner and Eye TV to her Mac and then watch the streamed channels on your iPhone or iPad (that one is for the geeks).
If anyone has any other great suggestions let us know and we will post them too...

Picture loaned from the Sydney Morning Herald